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There are so many factors to consider in the Daily Fantasy Baseball game that you can begin to overanalyze things too much. There’s due diligence, but there’s also paralysis by analysis. Keep it simple. Go with your gut.

You will, however, need a checklist, mental or otherwise, for each player you select:

  • Weather (even delving into hourly forecasts)
  • The highest potential for quality starts (doesn’t always mean you need the elite arms), without losing your shirt
  • Batter vs Pitcher stats and vice versa (this includes northpaw/southpaw against righty/lefty matchups)
  • Whether a player is actually in the lineup, and if so where he is hitting in the batting order (basic math: top of the order players will get more at bats)

It’s almost like a process of elimination, where you’ve protected yourself against any negative factors that have or could arise with any players you have under consideration.

For pitching, you should look for good or elite pitchers against low-scoring offenses. It’s really that simple. 

For hitting, my primary consideration is who is playing well. There’s nothing like the present in the Daily game, especially for the hitters. Play the hot bats. Then look to see if the match-ups are decent to good.

I’ll be using my site of preference, Draft Kings as a reference point for all Daily articles.

Okay, so let’s take a look at my picks of the day:

Wednesday Windfalls


Weather: Rain threatens just one game today: K.C @ TEX. A detailed forecast shows a Flash Flood Warning and thunderstorms throughout the day. One site shows just overcast during parts of the game, while another shows rain throughout – probably best to skip any players here

Two Potential Quality Starts: Here’s a fairly rare event for me – I like two pitchers who happen to be facing each other today. It’s rare because it automatically negates one win from your total points (not too big a deal, as wins are so unpredictable and hard to come by) Francisco Liriano

  • Francisco Liriano @ PHI  ( 38.2 IP / 20 H / 44 K )  Strikeouts are well-rewarded in the Daily game and Liriano is usually good for about 7. Besides this, the Phillies are the only team in the Majors that have yet to total 100 runs. They have a miniscule 96 in 34 games. ($8900)
  • Cole Hamels vs PIT  ( 44 IP / 35 H / 46 K )  At home Hamels has allowed just 16 hits in 25 games. Surprisingly, the Bucs have been struggling big time with the bats and are 4th last in OPS in the Majors. Only 3 of the regulars have a batting average higher than .230. ($10,100)

Hot Bats with Plus Matchups: After selecting my starters, I go straight to the first basemen, and then I take, at least, two outfielders. These two positions have been filling up the leaderboards in every offensive category. Fill them first and then take a look at your third basemen, the next most productive position.Andre Eithier

  • (1B) Joey Votto (vs Stults)  Just as I tell you to go with the hot bats, I’m suggesting a guy who hasn’t had a hit in the last 3 games. However, my gut says he’ll break his mini-slump today against the mediocre southpaw. ($4500)
  • (OF) Kole Calhoun (vs Lyles)  Went 3 for 4 last night with 2 doubles. He just needs Trout to start hitting in the same innings that he does. The northpaw/lefty matchup bodes well. ($4100)
  • (OF) Yoenis Cespedes (vs Nolasco)  Needed to get at least two Tigers in against Nolasco. The Martinezes are struggling, so he seems like a good choice at a very reasonable price. ($4000)
  • (OF) Andre Eithier (vs Cosart)  5 hits last night, with one moonshot. Eithier has not looked this good in some time, and the secret is not quite out there yet as he’s still available on the cheap. ($3700)
  • (3B) Jimmy Paredes (vs Sanchez)  Not as cheap any more, but he keeps hitting and hitting from the 2-spot. He’s riding a 10-game hitting streak and slashing a mean .357 AVG/.655 SLG/1.034 OPS ($4300)
  • (2B) Howie Kendrick (vs Cosart)  Speaking of hot bats, Kendrick has been a revelation with the Dodgers and looks to be enjoying every minute of it. He had 4 hits last night, only to be out done by teammate, Andre Eithier. Very good value here. ($3900)
  • (SS) Jose Iglesias (vs Nolasco)  Is it time to acknowledge his offensive value yet? Can’t say for sure, but he’s hot and he’s up against a generous pitcher and playing for a team that is due for an offensive breakout. Be sure to check that he’s slated to play. ($3300)
  • (C) Mike Zunino (vs Shields)  Had 2 moonshots (and over 30 Fantasy points) last night. Big home run hitters seem to go in streaks and he is still available on the cheap due to his slow start. ($3200)

Today’s lineups are still not in. So, be sure to do your own “due diligence” to make sure your picks are actually playing. Good Luck!

(All salaries are based on Draft Kings established values.)




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