A Call To Arms : fixing a bad draft with a good trade

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a call to arms

Sometimes the best way to fix a bad fantasy draft is with a good fantasy trade. Sometimes the best way to turn a good draft into a championship is recognizing when you can turn a hot start into a better player for the long haul. Fantasy drafts are all about recognizing value and taking advantage of ever changing situations. Trades work the exact same way. Today’s class is all about who to deal with, who to deal away and who to deal for.

Who to deal with is easy. We’ve just finished the first three weeks of the season and patterns are becoming clear and frustrations are starting to mount. Look at the bottom third of your draft. If you are ‘0 fer April’ you are probably anxious to shake things up. If you are in the bottom third you are a target. You are a motivated seller.

Who to deal is also not very challenging. Always deal from positions of strength. You got 4 outfielders raking – look to move the one who seems to be punching above his weight. You got 3 or 4 starters who can’t seem to lose – pick the one cart you expect the wheels to come off of – and sell before they do.

Who to target is also easy. You went into your draft with a list of players carefully, thoughtfully, lovingly placed in Chartfelt Tiers. Look at the tops of those tiers and find the players punching below their weight. Look for the ‘Bust Out’ waiting to bust out – and get ‘em before they do. 

Last week we looked at bats to target – this week we’ll look at some arms to deal away and to deal for.

Trevor Bauer

Who to dangle (they cannot possibly continue this pace): 

Bartolo Colon26222312.770.88
Michael Pineda25.7272723.861.13
Trevor Bauer19.0823110.951.00
Jake Odorizzi27.3122281.650.73
Aaron Harang26.3211561.370.80

Now these are good pitchers – ok, good pitchers and Aaron Harang.  Now you need to sell their story. That this is their ascension to ‘Elite’ status. Look at those K’s. Look at those tiny walk rates. Their prices are only going up. Package them up with a bat from last weeks Doubling Down and go get that big stick or ace that will put you over the top.

So who are the Aces you should be targeting on ‘The Price Is Right’ ? Whose owners are afraid a slow start might lead to a sore elbow – or worse – a slow shoulder ? Which aces are ripe for the picking. That is the narrative you need to sell and this is the gold your alchemy might buy : 

Jon Lester21.7292456.231.57
Stephen Strasburg18241754.501.61
Cole Hamels241723123.751.21
Madison Bumgarner23.3281744.631.37
Jeff Samardzija27281753.331.22
David Price24.7232283.281.26
Corey Kluber27.7263153.901.12

So buy now, before one ace like start sends these aces value back to where it belongs. Me, I’m working to move Betts and Rollins (easier with Addison Russell up now) for Strasburg or Kluber. As for you, shop wisely, sell high and enjoy your new and improved staff the rest of the season. 

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