Waiver Wire Welcomes Week 4 – Add Addy?

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Addison Russell

To add Addy, or not to add Addy, that is the question. Although it’s more than likely too late (in your league) to add the latest top prospect from the Cubs. The virtual “add” button has taken a pounding with the hype surrounding the shortstop turning second baseman, Addison Russell.

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Home Run Hoedown

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Alex Guerrero

Nothing in baseball can have a bigger impact on your Fantasy success than the home run. It contributes to every offensive category, with the exception of stolen bases. 

In our current “pitcher’s era” the long ball has become an increasingly rare feat. This led us to conclude that “power should be your top priority on draft day”, as we emphasized back in February’s Mining and Pining For the Home Run.

We then boldly projected who could see the biggest increase in home run totals for 2015. So, let’s take an early look at how these predictions are panning out:

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Doubling Down

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Fantasy titles ARE often won on draft day. For example my premier league saw our winner last year go tape to tape by recognizing an undervaluing of arms in our early drafting and used the first 4 rounds (picking from the 5 spot in a 15 team H2H league) to run off a staff containing Kershaw, Scherzer and Wainwright and nabbing V Mart in round 4 to have the top scoring player in each of the first 4 rounds. Drop the mic. Season over.

But many fantasy experts are quick to note that drafts ARE NOT won or lost in the first few weeks of the season. In no sport is this more true than in baseball whose season is far more marathon than sprint.

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Two Start Pitchers – Week 3

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Week 3_TwoPitchers3

There’s a perfect experiment about to take place this week that could help determine who claims the 5th spot in the Padres rotation.

Both Odrisamer Despaigne and Brandon Morrow look to have two starts against the same two teams this week. They pitch back to back games in Colorado on Monday and Tuesday, and then go home to face the Dodgers at Petco on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

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10 ARMS/10BATS – Play of the Year (?)

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Arenado Catch

For all you Eastern peeps that went to bed before “it” happened last night, we now may already have the play of the year.

Nolan Arenado made a catch which was arguably more difficult than Jeter’s famous one into the stands. The ball was hit on a low trajectory in foul ground beyond third base and toward the stands. Arenado made an almost blind over the shoulder catch and crashed into the rolled up tarp. His body nearly flipped into the stands after impact, but he still had the presence of mind to set himself after the wipeout and throw the ball immediately back to third where a double play almost went down.

The Rockies announcers were already calling this “the play of the year”: 

Arenado Goes Commando

They may have a point.

Here’s what else went down last night with a slant on Fantasy:

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10 ARMS/10 BATS – Mookie Madness

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Mookie Betts

There are some talents that are tailor-made for the game of baseball – acute hand-eye coordination, superior bat-head speed, 100 MPH arms and quick legs.

Some of these talents have names that are destined to be eponymous with the National Pastime. Satchel Paige, Babe Ruth, Pee Wee Reese, Vida Blue, Rollie Fingers and, of course, Yogi Berra come to mind.

Is it contrived coinage or some kind of Grand Design when an elite talent is given such an earthy baseball name? All I know is this: we can now enjoy this rare combination in a player dubbed Mookie Betts. 

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