Once Were Douchebags

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It seemed a pretty safe bet the biggest douche bag in the ring Saturday night in the self proclaimed ‘Fight of the Century’ was going to be Floyd Mayweather Jr. But that was not the case. Oh no it was not.

Yes, he had the inside track on douche bag honors due to his well publicized history as a serial batterer of women who has had 7 assaults against 5 different women which resulted in citations or arrests. Hell, the man got 90 days in jail (he served 60 of those day) for a domestic abuse conviction. He is not only all that – but he is as shameless a self promoter as sports has ever seen. But on the night in question – he was almost a gentleman. The embrace between Mayweather and Pacquiao at the center of ring before the final round seemed sincere and spontaneous. Yes, he had one flash at the end of the fight where he WWF’d the event by climbing the ropes and shouting to the largely pro Pacquiao crowd that, ‘I know I won!’ But all in all a classy fight inside and outside the bells.

No, hands down the biggest douche bag in the ring Saturday night was Max Kellerman. His post fight interview chastising Manny Pacquiao for his performance and Pacquiao’s perception – shared by many who saw the fight – that he took the fight to Mayweather and thought he won was down right mean spirited. That he thought Maywether had won was more than ok. How he talked to Pacquiao, one of the best fighters of all time and an honorable man and proud representative of a proud nation, like he was a misbehaving school boy being called before the principal was downright shameful.

Pacquiao  ‘It’s a good fight. I thought I won the fight.’

Kellerman ‘You thought you WON the fight ? Why? ‘

P ‘He didn’t do nothing. He always runs…ah move outside’

K ‘ Well he had to be hitting you with something because you weren’t attacking him with the same kind of ferocity that we sometimes see you attack. Was he not doing something to keep you off ?’

P Yeah, I mean I , I got him many times…solid punches…I think, I believe, I thought I won the fight.

K ‘ We didn’t ringside. The judges didn’t. ‘

And though the words themselves are not pretty it is the tone they were delivered that was so painfully disrespectful.

Can you imagine the same interview with Ali after he lost to Frazier in Madison Square Gardens or with Holyfield after the Bowe decision ? Kellerman would have woken up with a crowd around him in both cases.

But beyond that, can you imagine the same interview with Jordan after his Bulls lost to the Pistons in ’89 or with Jeter after losing the ’01 series in 7 games to the D-Backs ? Max Kellerman – Steve Bartman. Mr Bartman, this is Mr Kellerman.

Me, I liked the fight and thought for the most part Manny fought his heart out and Mayweather did just enough to win. I wish it had have gone another 12 rounds – mostly to find out who the real winner should have been – because 12 rounds was not enough to determine definitively who the best fight was – and if we had 12 more rounds perhaps Kellerman would have had a little more time to grow up and learn a little respect for a man who so obviously deserved it. 



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