Home Run Hoedown – Two Month Recap

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Chris Davis

Many people doubted Chris Davis coming into 2015, asking questions like: Will he continue to strikeout at such a high rate? or Will he still have difficulty picking up the spin on the ball? etc. When I really think the question we should be asking is: Does something really have to give?

The answer to this key question seems to be no. Yes, he still strikes out frequently, yet he walks quite frequently, as well. His approach (and performance) at the plate has not changed that much since his rookie year. Like many power hitters, he has always had a high strikeout rate.

The thing is, when Davis does make contact, it doesn’t have to be pure for him to clear the fences. He is among the strongest players in the league and when summer comes to Camden Yards, it’s bye bye baseball.

Davis is quietly on pace for my original prediction of 40 home runs and I don’t expect that to change. Of course, with his high walk rate, it’s easier to handle that low batting average if you’re in OBP leagues.

I get the feeling that his final week of May is just a precursor to what is to come. BTW, he had 4 home runs and 8 RBI last week. During weeks like this he will carry your team to victory.

Home Run Leaders
Bryce HarperOF18441.188
Nelson CruzOF18381.028
T. Frazier3B1631.971
J. PedersonOF1631.971
G. Stanton*OF15431.130
P. Goldschmidt1B15441.149
J. Donaldson3B1539.970
A. Pujols1B1427.811
N. Arenado3B1338.901
M. TroutOF1330.915
R. BraunOF1238.821
C. Davis*1B/3B1231.803
E. Encarnacion*1B1232.740
H. RamirezSS/OF1227.795
J. UptonOF1237.900
E. GattisC/OF1236.765
L. Valbuena3B1220.701
Mig. Cabrera1B11341.020
A. Rodriguez3B1127.892
S. VogtC11381.000
M. ByrdOF1025.729
P. Fielder1B1039.961
A. Gonzalez1B10351.026
R. Howard1B1025.778
S. MarteOF1034.774
S. Souza Jr.OF1022.780
A. Guerrero3B/OF10251.011

* Caveball’s players predicted to have the biggest increase in HR

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