Showdown: Fielder vs Votto

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This season is full of intriguing two-player "Showdowns" that beg comparison and invite debate. In each Showdown we pit two players from the same position against each other, scrutinize their age, injuries (if applicable), and statistics, with only one coming out on top.  Our first "Showdown" includes two veteran first baseman who disappointed many Fantasy owners last year after going

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Draft Strategy for 2015

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Each new year brings a slightly different dynamic to fantasy baseball. Certain positions might be top-heavy, while others appear to be scarce. Owners should tweak their general draft strategy accordingly. For 2015, the various positions seem to be more polarized than ever. There are many fantasy-relevant outfielders, while there is a scarcity in the shortstop and catcher positions. First base is interesting,

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Caveball’s Cheat-Sheet: Chartfelt Tiers

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12 Angry Men
On draft day there is only one cheat-sheet you need - Caveball's Chartfelt Tiers. Something I have yet to see from fantasy sports "experts" is a cheat-sheet that makes it easy to cross-reference players in one position with players of approximately equal value in other positions. I have been using my own chart of tiers for every draft I have

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