We weren’t originally going to issue a Top 250, as we wanted the ultimate cheat-sheet, “Chartfelt Tiers”, to replace the whole concept of lists. However, by popular demand, and since you used the P-word, we just had to give in.

Just remember, we highly recommend to take off those training wheels (lists) come D-Day (If you missed our post which explains it all, go here: Caveball’s Cheat-Sheet). We still have the Top 100 indicated on our “Chartfelt Tiers” to guide you through the early rounds. Both were revised on St. Patty’s Day to account for injuries etc.  Click here for the printable version of Chartfelt Tiers

All of the industry’s experts will point out the external factors which affect each player’s final projected stats for the year. Factors such as: home ballpark, teammates (fielding ability for pitchers, and offensive clout of the line-up for hitters), and even the divisional opposition. Caveball determined a statistical value for each of these external factors and combined it with each player’s individual ability. This final number will be his CPR, or Comprehensive Player Ranking.

Our comprehensive ranking is particularly important in assessing a player who has switched clubs, ballparks, leagues and/or divisions. And this off-season has been historical for the sheer number of acquisitions/trades that have transpired in the majors. 

Here are Caveball’s mid-March rankings for Fantasy Baseball 2015 – top 250 players overall:

  1. Mike Trout (OF) – Baseball’s ambassador is just 23 yrs. old – can he be better?
  2. Paul Goldschmidt (1B) – 27 yr old is the most complete 1B in the game
  3. Clayton Kershaw (SP) – Only isssue is sacrificing a 1st round pick for an arm
  4. Miguel Cabrera (1B/3B) – 10 straight years of 100-plus RBI and he’s just 31 
  5. Giancarlo Stanton (OF) - Monster season coming up for the 25 yr. old
  6. Andrew McCutchen (OF) - 5-category stud is all business and heart
  7. Jose Abreu (1B) – The mystery is over. ROY is real deal, and he’s in his prime
  8. Adam Jones (OF) - McCutchen without the eye and patience
  9. Jose Altuve (2B) – Only other player to have 225 hits in last 14 yrs: Ichiro
  10. Jose Bautista (1B/OF) – 34 yr. old avg’d 121 GP over last 3 yrs. – otherwise elite
  11. Carlos Gomez (OF) – Back to back elite mirror-image years dispels fluke theory
  12. Felix Hernandez (SP) – Learned how to win long ago, and now, so has his team 
  13. Anthony Rendon (2B/3B) – 5-tool player quietly scored 111 runs and 83 RBI
  14. Edwin Encarnacion (1B) – 34 HR in just 128 games -prorate that
  15. Robinson Cano (2B) – Safeco/Mariners cut HR total in half – Cruz will help
  16. Josh Donaldson (3B) – Yet to peak 25 yr. old joins superior offence
  17. Anthony Rizzo (1B) – Upside up the yin yang – 32 HR and .913 OPS in 140 GP
  18. Stephen Strasburg (SP) – Found a new gear in 2nd half and kept improving
  19. Chris Sale (SP) – Dominating. Can his lanky frame stand the violent releases?
  20. Michael Brantley (OF) – Another late blossomer fills all categories
  21. Johnny Cueto (SP) – Had an incredible year amidst a tough one for the Reds
  22. Freddie Freeman (1B) – 25 yr. old still has upside, unlike his diluted line-up
  23. Corey Dickerson (OF) – Burst onto the scene ’14 – 100+ R & RBI in 2015
  24. Corey Kluber (SP) – Cy Young winners share initials with “Man of Steel”
  25. Ryan Braun (OF) – Will the real Mr. Thumb please come forward?
  26. Yasiel Puig (OF) – Only OF L.A. wouldn’t part with – prime years ahead
  27. Ian Kinsler (2B) – Shoo-in for 100-plus runs with even stronger line-up
  28. J. D. Martinez (OF) – Late-blooming 27 yr. old will continue to rake
  29. Joey Votto (1B) – On-base machine should have a bounce-back year. COMEBACK
  30. Madison Bumgarner (SP) – Legendary playoff performance may overhype value
  31. Max Scherzer (SP) – Should dominate in the weaker-hitting N.L. East
  32. Justin Upton (OF) – Petco won’t help his cause, but new look line-up will
  33. Adrian Beltre (3B) – Had good numbers despite age (36) & injury-plagued team
  34. David Price (SP) – Old-school workhorse led MLB in IP (248) and Ks (271)
  35. Prince Fielder (1B) – Hype is over for new Rangers – big question marks remain
  36. Kole Calhoun (OF) – Breakout of the year: Look out for 30 HR/110 R. BREAKOUT
  37. Chris Davis (1B/3B) – Drug was cleared, head should be too – rare power 
  38. Matt Kemp (OF) – Can overcome hitter’s bane at Petco in front of Upton
  39. Evan Longoria (3B) – Had decent numbers despite a team-wide 2014 slump. COMEBACK
  40. Troy Tulowitzki (SS) – Perennial injuries takes Tulo out of the top 2 rounds
  41. Matt Holliday (OF) – Reliable 35 yr. old is aging gracefully – no surprises here
  42. Adam Wainwright (SP) – Mirror image (20-W) year with 2010, with dip in Ks
  43. Matt Harvey (SP) – This year is as cheap as he will come in the next 5. COMEBACK
  44. Brian Dozier (2B) – Strong offensive 2nd half for Twins bodes well for 27 yr. old
  45. Jacoby Ellsbury (OF) – Unreliable speedster is always a high risk/reward pick
  46. Adrian Gonzalez (1B) – RBI machine keeps on ticking in loaded line-up
  47. Charlie Blackmon (OF) – Close to a 20/30 season (8 missed games)
  48. Albert Pujols (1B) – Hurts to watch him run now – still has 100 RBI potential
  49. George Springer (OF) – Lowest price you’ll get for him for the next 12 years. BREAKOUT
  50. Buster Posey (C) – 28 yr. old has 3 rings in 5 years, and a lot of confidence
  51. Jordan Zimmermann (SP) – Always reliable – allowed 29 BB in 32 starts
  52. Zach Greinke (SP) – The odd poor outing balanced out by win opportunities
  53. Carlos Gonzalez (OF) – Many elite OF in 2015 – not worth the agony of injury. 
  54. Ian Desmond (SS) – Most consistent and injury-free choice amongst the top 4
  55. Christian Yelich (OF) – Slides perfectly in 2-spot between Gordon & Stanton. BREAKOUT
  56. Masahiro Tanaka (SP) – Elbow issues don’t seem to go away. BUST
  57. Jon Lester (SP) – Transition to N.L. East should suit him quite well
  58. Hanley Ramirez (SS/OF) – Can Papi & Panda calm the talented malcontent?
  59. Yoenis Cespedes (OF) – Who hits 6th him or J.D.? Does it matter?
  60. Nelson Cruz (OF) – Warning: Safeco/Mariners cut Cano’s HR in half. BUST
  61. Dustin Pedroia (2B) – Former ROY and MVP earns new award: Comebacker. COMEBACK
  62. Cole Hamels (SP) – Will it be the Padres. If so, he should thrive at Petco
  63. Julio Teheran (SP) – Handled a big workload with staff dropping like flies
  64. Todd Frazier (3B) – Could be overvalued this year – 20 SB not his norm
  65. Dee Gordon (2B) – Low OPS bodes poorly in pitching-heavy N.L. East. BUST
  66. Kyle Seager (3B) – 27 yr. old has missed 5 games in last 2 yrs.
  67. David Ortiz (1B) – Age will catch up some time for Papi – why take the risk?
  68. Jay Bruce (OF) – Should see more balls to it with a healthy Votto – 30 HR. COMEBACK
  69. Hunter Pence (OF) – Crazy Legs is one of the toughest outs in the game
  70. Alex Cobb (SP) – New ace for a Rays team that could surprise. Very strong second half
  71. Craig Kimbrel (RP) – Still the best, but with very close contenders
  72. Starling Marte (OF) – 30 SB in 135 GP – tremendous second half 
  73. Aroldis Chapman (RP) – Least likely RP to get hit by a hit (54 IP/21 H)
  74. Victor Martinez (1B) – 2014 was only year 36 yr. old had more than 25 HR
  75. Jayson Werth (OF) – Matt Holliday stats, with some history of injuries
  76. Jake Arrieta (SP) – No fluke – 78.1 IP and 57 H exactly in each half
  77. Jose Reyes (SS) – 31 yr. old may still have a 100 R /30 SB season in tank
  78. Nolan Arenado (3B) – Alpha wolf at Coors – gamma wolf elsewhere  
  79. Chris Carter (1B) – Ryan Howard lookalike hits like he used to (40 HR)
  80. Josh Harrison (2B/3B/OF) – Late bloomers do exist given the chance
  81. Greg Holland (RP) – Almost a mirror image of Kimbrel’s 2014
  82. Alex Gordon (OF) – Quietly valuable and reliably healthy 
  83. Jimmy Rollins (SS) – L.A.’s smog/line-up should breathe new life into veteran
  84. David Wright (3B) – Mets finally have a contender, but he looks worn down. BUST
  85. Adam Eaton (OF) – Prime pick of 2015 with some health risk attached – 30 SB. SLEEPER
  86. Alex Wood (SP) – How hexed can the Braves be? He’s already had Tommy John
  87. Sonny Gray (SP) – Pitched better away than in the bay – less support this year
  88. Devin Mesoraco (C) – 3 more HR and 9 less RBI than Posey in 33 fewer GP
  89. Melky Cabrera (OF) – Will slot in nicely after Eaton (and before Abreu)
  90. Hisashi Iwakuma (SP) – Lack of Spring Training/late start hurt his numbers
  91. Jeff Samardzija (SP) – Back in Chi-Town, but with a contender this time
  92. Howie Kendrick (2B) – Smooth crosstown transition a great fit in Blue
  93. Brett Gardner (OF) – Does newfound power give him 20/20 potential?
  94. Matt Carpenter (3B) – Built his ceiling in 2013, now he’s working on the walls
  95. Billy Hamilton (OF) – Will be picked long before you should even consider him. BUST
  96. Garrett Richards (SP) – Knee injury (recovery) will snuff some of the hype
  97. Jonathan Lucroy (C) – Doubles machine misses few games (.837 OPS)
  98. James Shields (SP) – Glad we had the chance to slide him into the Top 100, since we made the list before his San Diego signing was announced. Petco seems to boost all pitchers stats, and now they have a lineup to support him.
  99. Tyson Ross (SP) – If he’s the same as last year, the new run support will make him that much better. 
  100. Mookie Betts (OF) – Playing time is only issue – with his talent he should be fine, but it would be nice to see Boston loosen the logjam with a trade or two. BREAKOUT
  101. Shin Soo Choo (OF) – High risk/reward pick. Healthy, he could surpass 100 runs with the bats that follow him
  102. Matt Latos (SP) – The good: new Miami home / The bad: last year’s injuries 
  103. Adam Laroche (1B/DH) Should see all the pitches that Abreu doesn’t
  104. Carlos Santana (C/3B/1B) 
  105. Starlin Castro (SS) – How old is he? Surprise: he turns 25 next week. Hype is down, but offense is up.
  106. Jason Kipnis (2B) –  Poor 2014 makes his upcoming bounce-back valuable. COMEBACK
  107. Alex Rios (OF) – Blah BUST
  108. Bryce Harper (OF) – Sook/Gimp
  109. Lucas Duda (1B) – 30 HR/92 RBI last year
  110. Mark Melancon (SP) – Secure gig, as far as closers go
  111. Gio Gonzalez (SP) – Part of the best rotation in the MLB
  112. Xander Bogaerts (SS) – Some growing pains may remain
  113. Kenley Jansen (RP) – Middle name is Geronimo (injured: mid-May return at the latest)
  114. Kolten Wong (2B) – Plenty hyped, but for good reasons. BREAKOUT
  115. Mark Trumbo (1B/OF) – Forgotten D-Back has pop
  116. Jason Heyward (OF) – Cards seem to get more out of their players. COMEBACK
  117. Jered Weaver (SP) – Cheap wins
  118. Yordano Ventura (SP) – Lots of IP last year for a rookie
  119. Alexei Ramirez (SS) – Poor man’s Ian Desmond has durability
  120. Yan Gomes (C) – Solid 27 yr. old backstop 
  121. Zach Britton (RP) – Kimbrel-like stats, excepts the Ks
  122. Manny Machado (3B) – Is just 22 yrs. old entering his 4th season
  123. Pablo Sandoval (3B) – May stun everyone in hitter’s ballpark/stacked line-up
  124. Kris Bryant (3B) – Pressure’s on for him to be there on Opening Day
  125. Ben Zobrist (SS/2B/OF) – Team-wide slump didn’t help his own down year
  126. Will Myers (OF) – Claims the Rays gave up on him too early COMEBACK
  127. Jorge Soler (OF) – Some say he’s as good as Bryant – almost BREAKOUT
  128. Lance Lynn (SP) – You know what you’re getting here
  129. Doug Fister (SP) – Great numbers if you can live without the Ks
  130. Cody Allen (RP) – 69.2 IP/48 H/26 BB/91 K, and a .194 BAA
  131. Jose Fernandez (SP) – June return with coddling to follow
  132. Trevor Rosenthal (RP) – High WHIP sticks out amongst the otherwise great numbers
  133. Martin Prado (2B/3B/OF) – Marlin’s offense is coming around
  134. Michael Wacha (SP) – Has yet to prove durability. BUST
  135. Brandon Belt (OF) – Could this be the year. SLEEPER
  136. Jacob Degrom (SP) – Sophomore Slumps prey on ROYS. BUST
  137. Collin McHugh (SP) – Stats mirror DeGrom’s, but ADP does not “reflect” this. SLEEPER
  138. Marcel Ozuna (OF) – Will see all the pitches that Stanton doesn’t
  139. Chris Archer (SP) – Could be very good with improved control. BREAKOUT
  140. Carlos Carrasco (SP) – Stellar second half breakout in 2014. BREAKOUT
  141. Gerritt Cole (SP) – Shoulder issues last year aren’t stopping the hype
  142. Salvador Perez (C) – Turns 25 in May, so there may be some upside left
  143. Neil Walker (2B) – Misses too many games, and won’t repeat 2014 numbers
  144. Yadier Molina (C) – Wear and tear of more than 1400 games starting to show
  145. Oswaldo Arcia (OF) – 20 HR in just 103 GP (BREAKOUT/SLEEPER)
  146. Elvis Andrus (SS) – Meh.
  147. Jonathan Papelbon (RP) – 34 yr. old showed little signs of fading
  148. Koji Uehara (RP) – Believe it or not, he turns 40 just before the opener
  149. Eric Aybar (SS) – Higher position in line-up (with Kendrick’s departure) could boost counting stats
  150. Kennys Vargas (1B) – Has good pop, but swings at balls – wait for 2016
  151. Marlon Byrd (OF) -Begins his 9th stint (8th different team) with the Reds – 37 yr. old hasn’t slowed yet (25 HR/85 RBI)
  152. Hyun-Jin Ryu (SP) – Allowed 2 runs total in 4 stellar starts against the hapless Padres – this won’t be repeated. As well, durability issues loom after September fade. BUST
  153. Daniel Murphy (2B/3B) – Expect many low-scoring games with Mets in 2015
  154. Homer Bailey (SP) – Career record of 58-50 indicates Christian Bale lookalike is no superhero. BUST
  155. Justin Morneau (1B) – Batting Champ will miss more than 30 games
  156. Phil Hughes (SP) – 16 BB in 32 GP. Is this the new Hughes out of the NY spotlight?
  157. Chase Utley (2B) – Hard-working 36 yr. old had his lowest OPS since 2003
  158. Drew Smyly (SP) – Kershaw-like stats over 7 starts with new team (Rays). BREAKOUT
  159. David Robertson (RP) – New White Sox closer converted 39 of 44 chances
  160. Eric Hosmer (1B) – Has yet to hit 20 HR, but showed he’s a gamer in playoffs
  161. Danny Santana (SS) – Minor league stats show he’s overvalued in 2015. BUST
  162. Jean Segura (SS) – Sophomore slump on and off field is over. COMEBACK
  163. Lonnie Chisenhall (3B) – Will make a run at an .800-plus OPS
  164. Denard Span (OF) – Overlooked and undervalued: had .771 OPS with 31 SB
  165. Dallas Keuchel (SP) – Surprise year from southpaw sets up for some regression for 2015
  166. Steve Cishek (RP) – 34 saves in 2013/39 in 2014/44 in 2015?
  167. Rusney Castillo (OF) – Hit .405 in Winter Ball. Cuban rookie is 27 yrs. old. SLEEPER
  168. Evan Gattis (C) – 22 HR and an .810 OPS in just 108 games, but getting overhyped 
  169. Brian McCann (C) – Steady 20-plus HR threat played 140 games in 2014
  170. Matt Wieters (C) – Looks good for Opening Day – Buy low. COMEBACK
  171. Michael Pineda (SP) – “Pine Tar” (am I the only one who thought of this nickname?) appears tough to hit, even without greasing up the balls – durability is the big question
  172. Brandon Moss (1B/OF) – Tribe are packed at 1B/OF – could see less playing time
  173. Javier Baez (SS) – 22 yr. old might still need a year to mature, like Bogaerts last year 
  174. Trevor Plouffe (3B) – Good counting stats, including 80 RBI
  175. Andrew Cashner (SP) – Shoulder issues hurt an otherwise strong year
  176. Ben Revere (OF) – Quietly had 49 SB amidst a year of turmoil in Philly
  177. Jake Odorizzi (SP) – Promising start for 25 yr. old. Could surpass 200 Ks. SLEEPER
  178. Glen Perkins (RP) – Hits, Innings Pitched and K almost exactly the same
  179. Leonys Martin (OF) – 31 SB last year with upside due to age and healthier team
  180. Alcides Escobar (SS) – Last year should prove to be the 28 yr old’s ceiling 
  181. Matt Adams (1B) – Sloppy defense could cost him playing time 
  182. Sean Doolittle (RP) – A’s hoping for early-May return. Clippard to fill in.
  183. Anibal Sanchez (SP) – Good time to draft him (after a non-arm injury) COMEBACK
  184. Ian Kennedy (SP) – Cheap K source and more Ws on a much improved team
  185. Aramis Ramirez (3B) – 36 yr. old RBI specialist is on the decline
  186. Jedd Gyorko (2B) – Padres must’ve signed big contract for a reason. SLEEPER
  187. Lorenzo Cain (OF) – Found his table-setting role last year with 28 SB
  188. Carl Crawford (OF) – 2-yr. avg. of 111 GP may change with Kemp clearing space
  189. Jhonny Peratlta (SS) – Peralta perennially undervalued – ho hum power source
  190. Ryan Zimmerman (3B) – 30 yr. old could be a good buy low candidate
  191. Scott Kazmir (SP) – eane rejuvenates yet another career – seems like a name from another era, but he’s only 31
  192. Dellin Betances (RP) – Native NYer has fantastic stats – it’s only the mental game left
  193. Desmond Jennings (OF) – 3-yr. avg. of 131 GP makes him a needless injury risk
  194. Chase Headley (3B) – Rutted Padre at Petco gets new life in NY. SLEEPER
  195. Francisco Liriano (SP) – Has yet to surpass 200 IP, but had a .218 BAA in 2014
  196. R. A. Dickey (SP) – Same 14-13 record in ’13 & ’14. Prediction: 15 in ’15
  197. Coco Crisp (OF) – 3-yr. avg. of 126 GP makes him a needless injury risk
  198. Joe Mauer (1B) – Loses catcher eligibility and fantasy relevance. BUST
  199. Avisail Garcia (OF) – Early comparison to Miggy has overhyped him for years
  200. Chris Tillman (SP) – Yes, Bird’s ace ranks below Nat’s 5th – Solid not spectacular
  201. Fernando Rodney (RP) – Converted 48 of 51 chances despite a 1.34 WHIP
  202. Billy Butler (1B/DH) – Billy Beane has reverted to a pitching-first enterprise. BUST
  203. Francisco Rodriguez (RP) – Plenty left in tank for 33 yr. old (44 of 49 chances converted)
  204. Chris Owings (SS/2B) – Shoulder surgery keeps him undervalued. SLEEPER
  205. Jedd Lowrie (SS/2B) – Could make an impact in Houston with rising offence
  206. Nick Castellanos (3B) – Average numbers with some upside and offensive powerhouse
  207. Torii Hunter (OF) – Completes full circle in return to Twins just in time for his 40th B-Day in July. 6 straight years of 80-plus RBI, including 83 in 2014. He joins a team of hard-hitting youngsters, which might keep his streak going
  208. Mike Fiers (SP) – Doesn’t overpower, but Ks batters with off-speed stuff. BREAKOUT/SLEEPER
  209. Danny Duffy (SP) – Excellent numbers (2.53 ERA/.209 BAA/1.11 WHIP) from the 26 yr. old southpaw SLEEPER
  210. Drew Storen (RP) – Regained closer role in Sept. – hasn’t missed a beat. COMEBACK
  211. Gregory Polanco (OF) – Yet another Pirate who can steal, with some pop
  212. Mike Morse (1B) – Born and bred Floridian could thrive behind Stanton. SLEEPER
  213. Arismendy Alcantara (2B/OF) – Future 20/30 threat. Expect growing pains
  214. Jose Quintana (SP) – ERA (3.32) has improved 3 straight yrs. 15-win potential for the 26 yr. old with much improved ChiSox. SLEEPER
  215. Matt Cain (SP) – Down time could be just what he needed after 5 yrs of 200-plus innings and post-season workloads. SLEEPER/COMEBACK
  216. Huston Street (RP) – Numbers, though not horrible, rose enough to take notice after the trade to the Angels, especially in September. BUST
  217. Carlos Beltran (OF) – Turns 38 yrs. old in April
  218. Willin Rosario (C) – Averaging just 115 GP last 3 seasons COMEBACK
  219. Brett Lawrie (2B/3B) – Health is the big factor for Donaldson’s replacement. He has Harper recklessness.
  220. Justin Turner (SS/2B/3B) – Great second half may merit more at bats for 30 yr. old
  221. Miguel Montero (C) – Might ride the Cubs momentum, but could be in the dreaded 8-spot
  222. A. J. Pollock (OF) – An “artist” on the base paths with modest pop SLEEPER
  223. J. J. Hardy (SS) – Jeckyl and Hyde from year to year (10 HR or 30?)
  224. Matt Shoemaker (SP) – Enigma-man allowed 489 hits in 397.1 (PCL) innings, yet won 16 of his 20 starts with L.A. That conversion rate is all out of whack. BUST
  225. Russell Martin (C) – Up until last year he hadn’t had 100+ hits in a season since 2009
  226. Edison Volquez (SP) – A.L. Central is full of improved lineups, yet K.C.’s home is pitcher-friendly
  227. Santiago Casilla (RP) – Britton-like stats without the job security
  228. Addison Reed (RP) – K-rate indicates bad luck for 26 yr. old in 2014
  229. Steven Souza (OF) – May be the Ray’s 4th “Rookie of the Year” in the last 8. SLEEPER
  230. Asdrubal Cabrera (SS) – Secure starting position with Rays, but his stats have steadily declined since 2011
  231. Yasmany Tomas (3B/OF) – Yet another unknown Cuban who could be hitting directly behind or in front of Goldschmidt.
  232. Jung Ho Kang (SS) – Korean mystery man had 40 HR and 117 RBI in the same number of games in the Korean league. How exactly this will translate in the MLB is anyone’s guess, but there are not very many power shortstops out there. Even if the Majors cut his numbers in half, he would still be a decent pick. However, he still must compete for a full-time position. SLEEPER
  233. Mike Napoli (1B) – If Craig stays it could mean even less playing time
  234. Yasmani Grandal (C) – Moves from one of the worst line-ups to one of the most stacked. SLEEPER
  235. John Lackey (SP) – Will put up a fight for next contract
  236. Casey McGehee (3B) – Panda’s replacement had a good comeback year with the Fish
  237. Pedro Alvarez (3B/1B) – Will play 1B, which could mean more ABs
  238. Kendrys Morales (1B) – Is this finally his break after his infamous unlucky one?
  239. Brandon Phillips (2B) – Downslide is well underway for 33 yr. old
  240. Jason Hammel (SP) – Had good numbers with Cubs before on a team with less run support
  241. Wilson Ramos (C) – Big durability issues – 2011 was last yr. with 100+ GP
  242. Derek Norris (C) – 26 yr. old has improved OPS each year. SLEEPER
  243. Bud Norris (SP) – Another 15 wins is not a reach behind Bird’s Offence
  244. Neftali Feliz (RP) – Small sample size (13 of 14 conversions) as closer was solid
  245. Logan Morrison (1B) – Great September showed hope for long-time sleeper
  246. Khris Davis (OF) – Fought well thru Sophomore Jinx, 27 yr. old should peak this yr.
  247. Shelby Miller (SP) – Doesn’t wow in any category
  248. Luke Gregerson (RP) – Frontrunner for the closer role in Houston. SLEEPER
  249. Curtis Granderson (OF) – 34 yr. old has started an expected decline
  250. David Freese (3B) – Better to remember him for his playoff performance with the Cards
More Sleepers & Late Round Picks:
  • Travis d’Arnaud (C)- 26 yr. old’s pre All-Star OPS of .646 improved to .787 after the break. Good Minor League pedigree. SLEEPER
  • Mike Zunino (C) - Mendosa Line avg. should improve. His 22 HR/60 RBI were no fluke, as he had 24 HR/86 RBI in a short 96-game Minor League career.
  • Joc Pederson (OF) – If he gets the green light for Opening Day, snag him. Keep him on your radar.
  • Steve Pearce (OF/1B) – After many seasons in the Minors he Proved his value in last year’s post-season games.
  • Joey Gallo (3B) – Yet another player you shouldn’t forget about. Keep him on your radar until he gets the call up.
  • Clay Buchholz (SP) – None of the Red Sox starters made the Top 250, but somebody’s gotta act the ace, and he’s the only one that has ever had anything close to ace stints.
  • James Paxton (SP) – 26 yr. old southpaw had an excellent rookie line: 3.04 ERA/.223 BAA/1.20 WHIP. SLEEPER
  • Taijuan Walker (SP) – Who will win the 5th spot out of Spring Training? If it’s Walker, I’d run (to get him).
  • Andrew Heaney (SP) – 23 yr. old southpaw stood up to the hitter-friendly PCL last year with a 3.87 ERA/.234 BAA/1.17 WHIP. SLEEPER
  • Joakim Soria (RP) – Exactly when Brad Ausmus (or Joe Nathan, himself) realizes it’s time for Nathan to hang up his cleats is anyone’s guess, but Soria should be his obvious replacement. Should remain on the waiver wire in most leagues.

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