April Home Run Leaders – The Miggy Watch

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Miguel Cabrera is now just 5 home runs away from joining the 400 club. The most striking stat behind this highly-regarded feat (?) His age. He just celebrated his 32nd birthday on April 18.

Back in March we predicted number 400 would come on May 22 just to have a little fun with “the watch”. It wasn’t exactly a reckless prediction given how consistent Cabrera has been throughout his prolific career, but up until Wednesday’s game in Minnesota Cabrera only had 3 jacks during the first month of the year. 

After a slightly down year in 2014, when he had 25 dingers (his lowest HR total since his partial rookie year), some critics began to point to a typical demise to which all players eventually succumb – age.

The thing is, there is nothing typical about Cabrera. Sure, he may have peaked in 2012 and 2013 with his back to back 44 HR seasons, but his “demise” will be more gradual than the gentle slopes of Mt. Fuji., and with the same kind of majesty.

Here’s our rundown of the home run leaders for the month of April:

PLAYERHRRBICaveball's Take
Nelson Cruz1022Defying Safeco
Hanley Ramirez1022Good until hurt
Alex Gonzalez819Sizzling hot
Mark Teixeira818Is it Veteran's Month?
Joey Votto717Caveball Comeback
Todd Frazier716Shhh, critics.
Giancarlo Stanton6216 down / 41 to go*
Justin Upton614Defying Petco
Starling Marte617First syllable says it all
J.D. Martinez6156 down / 26 to go*
Devon Travis619Biggest surprise here
Miguel Cabrera517395 down / 5 to go
Chris Davis5165 down / 35 to go*
Mike Trout514Mr. Ambassador
Jose Abreu514Baltimore-affected
Paul Goldschimdt520Most complete 1B
Adam Jones519Vlad's Reincarnation?
Corey Dickerson5135 down, 28 to go*
Josh Donaldson5 16Big bat/big lineup
Luis Valbuena59Should drop off
Jose Bautista513Just getting started
Bryce Harper515Good start
Alex Rodriguez513Who'd a thunk?
Jay Bruce5135 down / 25 to go*
Chris Young511Less than 12 AB/HR
Alex Guerrero5135 HR in 26 AB

* Caveball’s projections for the bats with the biggest home run increases

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